How do I get to your church?

Please click here for driving directions.

Does it matter what I wear to church?

No.  We have coats, ties, t-shirts, flip-flops, and everything in between. Don't feel like you have to get dressed up; but, dress up if you like.  We are most concerned about you, not your clothes.


What is your worship service like?

Check out "What to Expect".


What time does service start?

Click here for more information on our locations and service times.


How long is the service?

Most Sundays our service runs for 2 hours.  Our weekly bible studies are typically 1 hour.


Is childcare provided? 

Yes, during our second service in Wilmington and main service in Middletown. Your children will be safe and they'll have fun.  Our youth ministry teams are well trained to provide the best possible care for your children. 


Do you accommodate guests and members with disabilities?

Yes.  The Resurrection Center welcome members and guests with disabilities. We strive to provide excellent service to all our guests, to ensure their safety, comfort and enjoyment of our events and facilities, including handicap accessible parking spaces and sign language interpreters for our hearing-impaired guests.


How do I contact your church?  

You can contact us by calling 302-762-8311 ext.300 or by email us at  info@trclive.org

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