The Worship Music & Arts Ministry is responsible for developing and promoting the music and arts of TRC through individual spiritual gifts for the edification of the worship experience to the glory of God.

Ministry Leader: Minister Kayla Johnson 
Email: kjohnson@trclive.org



Choral Singing is found throughout the Scriptures, specifically in 1 Chronicles, Chapter 25. Choirs were organized for Worship in the temple and were placed under the direction of skillful musicians. 

Taking our cue from Choirs in Biblical times, our Ministry is to inspire others to worship the Lord with a Unified Sound. As we usher in the presence of the Lord through our singing, we endeavor to prepare the hearts of the congregation to receive the Word of God. Our musical repertoire consists of a range of "Gospel-Based Selections both Contemporary and Traditional, and Classical Choral Works.

The Choirs at TRC celebrate diversity and harmony through a shared passion for singing. As an open Church choir, we provide an opportunity for personal skill development and individual achievement through the collaborative exploration of gospel music. The choir generates a collage of voices, as individuals of varying ability find a niche where they can 'sing their hearts out'.


Resurrection Cathedral Choir (RCC) Voices of Judah Praise Team Royal Priesthood (Men's Choir)

This choir consists of all the Choirs from the Wilmington and Middletown Campus.  This particular choir sings regularly throughout the year and travels with the Pastors as requested. This choir also performs Special Music and Concerts throughout Delaware and surrounding areas.

Leader: Dion LeMon

Email: Kjohnson@trclive.org

Meets: Thursday @7:00pm

This choir is an ensemble designated to prepare the atmosphere of the "Total Experience" of praise and worship. 



Leader: Kayla Johnson

Email: kjohnson@trclive.org
Meets: Thursday @ 8:00pm

This choir is open to any male that is a member in good standing at The Resurrection Center.  Royal Priesthood ministers once a month during Worship Services at TRC and also accepts invitations to minister at various churches throughout New Castle County.


Leader: Kayla Johnson

Email: Kjohnson@trclive.org
Meets: Thursday @6:00pm




Anointed Hands Voices of Young Power  



Leader: Marilyn Gwaltney

Email: info@trclive.org

This choir is designed for our youth.


Ministry Leader:  Kayla Johnson

Email: kjohnson@trclive.org

Meets: Thursdays @ 6:30pm






Word Alive Drama Ministry

Word Alive is the TRC drama ministry that seeks to use the craft of acting to convey the message of the gospel through contemporary and biblical themes.


Ministry Leader: Andre and Pam Jones
Email: wordalive@trclive.org


 Dance Ministry

VIP is a dance ministry that allows believers to express the gift of dance through choreographed movement accompanied by worship music.  VIP members are all ages and encompasses a myriad of dance experiences. 


Ministry Leader: Tara Oliver
Email: info@trclive.org


TRC Storytellers

A ministry use to spread the gospel through learning, internalizing, memorizing, and embracing the Bible as the stories are written, through monologues and poetic voice. 

Ministry Leader:  Cynthia Pollard
Email: Storytelling@trclive.org


Audio Visual

Ministry Leader: Eric Wesley

Email: info@trclive.org


Our Band

The Band - is a group of chosen individuals who produce music, play instruments for and accompany the worship, music and arts ministries.

Ministry Leader: B.J. Johnson
EMail: info@trclive.org


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